The EZ Loans 4 Real Estate investment services have been offered to hundreds of private individual investors for the past several years, with many qualified investments from trusted EZ Loans 4 Real Estate clients. The company has originated well over a billion dollars in privately funded Trust Deed investment transactions, across Northern California.

When you invest in a Trust Deed, your investment will fund real estate loans for acquisition or refinance of investment properties including single family residences, apartments, or small commercial properties, as office or industrial buildings. The investment is secured by a first or second deed of trust, and protected by the equity and value of the real estate collateral the deed of trust is secured against.


  1. Minimum Investment: $ 25,000
  2. Minimum Yield: 8.00-12.00%
  3. Fully secured by real estate
  4. Investment Term: 1-5 years
  5. Payment Schedule : Monthly
  6. Income paid monthly
  7. Investment Objective: Stable consistent income and principle protection
  8. Investor Suitability: Must meet minimum income or net worth requirements
  9. Self-Directed IRA’s, Roth, 401-K and Pensions accepted
  10. To learn more about Trust Deed Investments Click Here to Download a PDF From the California Bureau of Real Estate.

You may contact us any time to talk with our Investor relations department specialists about potential Trust Deed Investment opportunities.